Worship Service:

He Lives

Verse 1

I serve a risen Savior

He's in the world today

I know that He is living

Whatever men may say

I see His hand of mercy

I hear His voice of cheer

And just the time I need Him

He's always near


He lives He lives

Christ Jesus lives today

He walks with me and talks with me

Along life's narrow way

He lives He lives

Salvation to impart

You ask me how I know He lives

He lives within my heart

Verse 3

Rejoice rejoice O Christian

Lift up your voice and sing

Eternal hallelujahs

To Jesus Christ the King

The Hope of all who seek Him

The Help of all who find

None other is so loving

So good and kind


Low In The Grave He Lay (Christ Arose)

Verse 1

Low in the grave He lay Jesus my Savior

Waiting the coming day Jesus my Lord


Up from the grave He arose

With a mighty triumph o'er His foes

He arose a victor from the dark domain

And He lives forever with His saints to reign

He arose He arose

Hallelujah Christ arose

Verse 2

Vainly they watch His bed Jesus my Savior

Vainly they seal the dead Jesus my Lord

Verse 3

Death cannot keep his prey Jesus my Savior

He tore the bars away Jesus my Lord


Death Was Arrested

Verse 1

Alone in my sorrow and dead in my sin

Lost without hope with no place to begin

Your love made a way to let mercy come in

When death was arrested and my life began

Verse 2

Ash was redeemed only beauty remains

My orphan heart was given a name

My mourning grew quiet my feet rose to dance

When death was arrested and my life began


Oh Your grace so free washes over me

You have made me new now life begins with You

It's Your endless love pouring down on us

You have made us new now life begins with You

Verse 3

Released from my chains I'm a pris'ner no more

My shame was a ransom He faithfully bore

He cancelled my debt and He called me His friend

When death was arrested and my life began

Verse 4

Our Savior displayed on a criminal's cross

Darkness rejoiced as though Heaven had lost

But then Jesus arose with our freedom in hand

That's when death was arrested and my life began


Oh we're free free forever we're free

Come join the song of all the redeemed

Yes we're free free forever amen

When death was arrested and my life began


Living Hope

Verse 1

How great the chasm that lay between us

How high the mountain I could not climb

In desperation I turned to heaven

And spoke Your name into the night

Then through the darkness Your loving-kindness

Tore through the shadows of my soul

The work is finished the end is written

Jesus Christ my living hope

Verse 2

Who could imagine so great a mercy

What heart could fathom such boundless grace

The God of ages stepped down from glory

To wear my sin and bear my shame

The cross has spoken I am forgiven

The King of kings calls me His own

Beautiful Savior I’m Yours forever

Jesus Christ my living hope


Hallelujah praise the One who set me free

Hallelujah death has lost its grip on me

You have broken every chain

There’s salvation in Your name

Jesus Christ my living hope

Verse 3

Then came the morning that sealed the promise

Your buried body began to breathe

Out of the silence the Roaring Lion

Declared the grave has no claim on me


Jesus Yours is the victory